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Voltz Protocol - Introduction
Voltz is a noncustodial automated market maker for Interest Rate Swaps (IRS). Voltz uses a Concentrated Liquidity Virtual AMM (vAMM) for price discovery only, with the management of the underlying assets performed by the Margin Engine. The combined impact of these modules enables counterparties to create and trade fixed and variable rates through a mechanism that is up to 3,000x more capital efficient than alternative interest rate swap models, whilst also providing Liquidity Providers and Traders with significant control and flexibility over their positions.
Voltz Protocol is based on the Voltz Litepaper. The protocol implementation is open source, except for libraries subject to the Uniswap v3 Business Source License outlined below. The protocol is maintained by the Voltz community.
Make sure you join the Voltz Discord server. Our community looks forward to welcoming everyone eager to work with Voltz Protocol!